IETI Romanian Society

IETI Romanian Society is a significant branch of the International Engineering and Technology Institute (IETI) in Romania, dedicated to extending the academic and technological reach of IETI in Romania and throughout Europe. Our goal is to play an active role in promoting local and international academic exchanges and technological cooperation.

Our main responsibilities include:

Academic Exchange and Collaboration: Organizing and participating in seminars, conferences, and other academic events to provide a platform for Romanian and international scholars to engage.

Member Development: Selecting outstanding scholars and professionals in Romania to join IETI, continually expanding and strengthening our professional network.

Fostering Technological Innovation: Supporting technological innovation in Romania, and advancing local and international tech projects and research.

Enhancing IETI’s Influence: Increasing the visibility and impact of IETI in Romania and Europe through effective collaboration and communication.

IETI Romanian Society is committed to being a bridge connecting the Romanian and international engineering and technology sectors. Through our activities and efforts, we contribute to global technological progress and cooperation.

It is without legal and fiscal personality, IETI administers and manages direct it.

Honorary President:

Acad. Prof. Dr. Radu REY, Director (founder) of the CE-MONT / INE, Romanian Academy, Romania


Prof. Dr. Otilia Manta, Romanian Academy, Romania

Founded in 2024

9 January 2024

Otilia Manta appointed as IETI Romanian Society President

7 March 2024

Radu REY appointed as IETI Romanian Society Honorary President

21-22 November 2024

2024 9th International Conference on Intelligent Information Processing