IETI Singapore Society

IETI Singapore Society is a pivotal extension of the International Engineering and Technology Institute (IETI) in Singapore. We are dedicated to advancing IETI's mission and vision within the dynamic and innovative landscape of Singapore, extending its reach in the Southeast Asian region and beyond.

Our primary objectives include:

Promoting Academic and Technical Exchanges: Facilitating a vibrant exchange of ideas and research findings by hosting conferences, seminars, and workshops. Our focus is on fostering collaboration between Singaporean scholars and the global IETI community.

Cultivating Membership and Leadership: Actively identifying and nominating exceptional professionals and academics in Singapore to join IETI, thereby enriching the institute with diverse expertise and perspectives.

Driving Technological Innovation: Encouraging and supporting cutting-edge technological research and innovation in Singapore, contributing to the nation's status as a hub of technological excellence.

Enhancing IETI’s Global Presence: Elevating the profile and influence of IETI in Singapore and Southeast Asia through strategic collaborations, partnerships, and community engagement.

IETI Singapore Society is committed to being a conduit for knowledge, innovation, and collaboration, bridging Singapore's technological and engineering prowess with international networks and opportunities. Our aim is to play a significant role in the global advancement of engineering and technology, rooted in Singapore's unique strengths and capabilities.


Prof. Dr. Eddie Yin-Kwee Ng, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Fellow of International Engineering and Technology Institute (IETI)

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Founded in 2024