IETI Malaysian Society

IETI Malaysian Society is dedicated to promoting and fulfilling the vision and objectives of the International Engineering and Technology Institute (IETI) within Malaysia. As an active academic group, our aim is to strengthen and expand the academic and technological influence of IETI in Malaysia and across Southeast Asia.

Our core responsibilities include:

Facilitating Academic Exchanges: Organizing seminars, lectures, and international conferences to provide a platform for IETI members, Malaysian scholars, and researchers to exchange innovative ideas and research findings.

Nominating Outstanding Members: Selecting and nominating exceptional scholars and professionals within Malaysia to join IETI, thereby enhancing the organization's expertise and diversity.

Expanding International Cooperation: Establishing collaborative relations with educational institutions and industry organizations in Malaysia and internationally, to promote global cooperation and exchange in technology and engineering.

Promoting Innovation and Technology: Supporting local and international technological innovation projects, advancing the development and application of technology in the region.

As a vital branch of IETI, IETI Malaysian Society not only disseminates scientific and technological knowledge locally but also strives to extend IETI's influence and recognition globally. We believe that through these efforts, we can contribute to the technological advancement and international collaboration in Malaysia and the wider Southeast Asian region.


Prof. Dr. M. A. Ashraf, INWASCON, Malaysia

Fellow of International Engineering and Technology Institute (IETI)


Dr. Sin Yee Gan, Malaysian Palm Oil Board, Malaysia

Member of International Engineering and Technology Institute (IETI)

Founded in 2023