IETI Australian Society

IETI Australian Society is committed to serving as a pioneering and bridging force for the International Engineering and Technology Institute (IETI) in Australia. Our mission is to enhance the academic exchange and influence of IETI, not just within Australia, but extending to broader regions and countries through the following initiatives:

Academic Exchange Leadership: Regularly organizing and participating in high-level academic conferences and symposiums, we provide a platform for IETI members to exchange cutting-edge research findings and trends, fostering international academic collaboration.

Member and Fellow Nominations: We scout and nominate outstanding scholars and researchers in Australia for IETI membership, continually expanding and strengthening our professional network and academic impact.

Active Expansion of Influence: Through close collaboration with local educational institutions, research centers, and industry leaders in Australia, we strive to elevate the recognition and influence of IETI not only regionally but also on a global scale.

Innovation and Technology Promotion: Supporting and promoting innovative technologies and their applications in engineering and technology, we aim to disseminate these pioneering ideas from Australia to the world.

As an integral part of IETI, IETI Australian Society embodies professionalism, innovation, and a spirit of exceptional international collaboration. We are continually driving the development in the fields of engineering and technology, elevating IETI’s reputation and impact globally.


Prof. Dr. Jing Sun, Charles Sturt University, Australia

Founded in 2022

06 October 2022

Jing Sun appointed as IETI Australian Society President

27 November 2022

2022 Conference on Integration of Data Science, Information Management and Digital Technology into Health and Medical Research & Beijing International Frontier Science Dialogue