IETI Global News and Cooperation Hub

IETI Global News and Cooperation Hub is a key department of the International Engineering and Technology Institute (IETI), dedicated to disseminating the latest news, significant events, and research achievements of IETI headquarters and its global branches and societies. As a hub of information and cooperation, this center is committed to enhancing the international influence of IETI in the fields of technology and engineering.

Our primary responsibilities include:
• News Release: Regularly update and release information about IETI's global activities, research findings, and major events, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.
• International Cooperation: Foster collaborations with research institutions, academic groups, and industry worldwide, promoting international exchange in technology and engineering.
• Communication Platform: Provide a diversified platform for scholars, researchers, and experts to share knowledge, discuss innovations, and explore cooperative opportunities.
• Brand Promotion: Enhance the global brand image of IETI in the fields of technology and engineering through effective communication strategies and media partnerships.

IETI Global News and Cooperation Hub aims to be a bridge for information and collaboration in the global technology and engineering sectors, advancing knowledge sharing and technological progress. We believe that effective information dissemination and international cooperation can make significant contributions to the development of global technology and engineering.

Secretary: Michael Ma

Founded in 2016
Personal Email:

January 1 2016

Michael Ma appointed as IETI Global News and Cooperation Hub Secretary